Lucie Stein-Cartford (she/her)

Get to know a little about Lucie Stein-Cartford, one of the core team members of the National Center on Restorative Justice!

What is your work at the National Center on Restorative Justice?

I work with Justine Andreu Darling on the National Restorative Coaching Program. Along with Justine and the development team, I work on creating the materials our coaches and practitioners will use, create and map the processes used by the program, and keep track of all the moving parts!

What has been the most rewarding experience you’ve had working in restorative justice so far?

As a newcomer to restorative justice, the most rewarding aspect so far has been meeting the wide range of people who are involved in this work. There are so many perspectives and stories, and so many powerful examples of restorative justice providing real healing, and they inspire me to continue learning and exploring in this field.

What is your favorite Circle or icebreaker question?

What kind of music best matches your mood today?

When you’re not at work, what is something you like to do that brings you joy and fills your cup? 

I love to knit! You can bring knitting with you anywhere, you get to make amazing things with two sticks and some string, and there are knitters everywhere, so you can always find a community.

What’s the best piece of advice you ever received and how have you used it?

“Be professionals and take care of each other.” My first platoon commander in the Marine Corps told this to my platoon, and I’ve remembered it ever since. I use it to remind myself that it’s important to strive to grow and build my abilities, but it’s equally important to care for those around me and build community.