Chelsea Wilf: Divine Glow

Chelsea Wilf: Divine Glow

Divine Glow by Chelsea Wilf


Each person may belong to a single religion that has a blanket of beliefs and motifs, however the way that each follower believes, prays, and interprets the text is absolutely personal. Typically, religions are divided, as well as pitted against one another. This battle between the faiths only causes blind hatred, ignorance, and war among people. All religions have the same message of kindness and devotion, just taught with different specifics and names. The beauty of these differences must be appreciated while seeing religion as a delicate network, not a ranking hierarchy.

This embracement and acceptance is shown throughout the series, using the tools of light and color. These elements emphasize the spirituality, passion, and grace that fill the different homes of worship. Every holy building is a home for all who believe in something bigger than themselves, whether it is God, truth, or love for others.