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The National Center on Restorative Justice 2022 institute series focused on restorative reintegration, a restorative justice approach to reentry after incarceration.

The series began in February with an invite-only think tank of about 25 experts, including academics and practitioners with expertise in restorative justice approaches to reentry after incarceration. Participants met in restorative dialogue to specifically discuss and identify the core principles and practices of “restorative reintegration.” Our team members who attended are currently collaborating on writing a white paper as a follow-up to the event, identifying and outlining core elements of restorative reintegration.

For the second event in the series, we partnered with Amplify Voices and the San Diego Diocese for a live storytelling event, featuring speakers sharing stories of successful reintegration after incarceration. The event was also streamed online.

“I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I have been judging this population. I learned that everyone has a story and we all have more in common with each other than I previously thought. I am walking away from this event a transformed human being. I am humbled and moved by what I heard.”

– Institute Attendee