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A painting titled "Embracing Justice" by Alanna Ojibway where there are two women embracing with the words Relationship, Respect, Responsibility, Repair, and Reintegration circling them.
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NCORJ’s coaching program provides restorative justice practitioners with individualized support in restorative skills, frameworks, and programmatic implementation. One-on-one coaching is delivered by restorative justice leaders who have a depth of experience from a wide range of restorative justice contexts. As a continuation of formal training, coaching aims to deepen the innate capabilities and confidence of practitioners nationwide. 

NCORJ’s goal is to draw on the experience and knowledge of a national team of RJ coaches who partner with next generation RJ practitioners to enhance the use of restorative justice and improve US criminal justice policy and practices. Restorative coaching is offered to RJ practitioners who can benefit from both thought partnership and leveraging further RJ resources to improve or expand their RJ efforts. 

“Coaching insights and guidance were the most transformational component of my restorative journey because of the support and generation of new ideas that it provided.” —Participant, Certificate in RJ Facilitation and Leadership at USD

For Practitioners

Individuals currently working in a role where they implement, participate, or play a supportive role in RJ programming are candidates for coaching. Coaching focus areas may include, but are not limited to, conference and circle facilitation support, roleplaying and feedback and development and implementation of RJ programming and policy. 

Each practitioner can expect to receive up to 8 hours of coaching. Practitioners and coaches will work together to schedule coaching sessions over a six-month period. Grant funding by the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) allows practitioners to receive coaching free of cost

If you are interested in receiving RJ coaching, please complete the NCORJ intake form below.

For Coaches

NCORJ uses a national team of restorative coaches to work with RJ practitioners who seek to grow their knowledge and skills. They build agency in practitioners through observation and feedback, as well as guidance around RJ program development and implementation, policy and advocacy work. Coaches follow a standard coaching model based on encouraging self-reflection and growth in practitioners, in addition to sharing insights and lessons learned from their own experience working in the field. 

NCORJ seeks people with diverse perspectives and backgrounds to provide coaching. Each coach can expect to work with 1-3 practitioners, providing up to 10 hours of coaching per practitioner over a six-month period. Coaches contracted by NCORJ will receive compensation from a BJA grant. 

If you are interested in becoming an NCORJ coach, please learn more and apply below.

NCORJ Coaching Program is coordinated by the University of San Diego’s Center for Restorative Justice.
Questions? Contact: Center4RJ@sandiego.edu