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As a part of its mission to expand access to Restorative Justice Education, the National Center on Restorative Justice currently provides scholarships to the University of San Diego’s Professional Certificate in Restorative Justice Facilitation and Leadership program and the Vermont Law & Graduate School Professional Certificate in Restorative Justice program. Learn more about each program below.

The Professional Certificate in Restorative Justice Facilitation and Leadership at the University of San Diego is for mid-career professionals wishing to deepen their understanding of restorative justice, become skillful restorative facilitators, and lead efforts to implement restorative justice programs and policies in their work. This three-course program provides a comprehensive introduction to restorative justice facilitation and leadership through asynchronous online coursework, a skill building intensive, and a practicum experience where you will be connected to a community of practice and paired with a restorative mentor in your field of interest. 

Next Deadline: November 1, 2024 (for Spring 2025)

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The Vermont Law and Graduate School Professional Certificate in Restorative Justice (PCRJ) allows recent college graduates and early to mid-career professionals to learn about restorative justice and its relevance to their current or intended career. Students in the program take a foundational course and then select from a wide range of elective courses, depending on their professional interests. Courses include: RJ in Education, New Approaches to Domestic and Sexual Violence, RJ in Indigenous Communities, Global Restorative Justice, Race/Crimes/and Restorative Justice, Environmental Restorative Justice, Pleas Sentencing and Accountability, and many more. Courses are available to take online, on campus, or in a hybrid of both.

Next Deadline: July 8, 2024 (for Fall 2024)
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