RJ Week: Reimagining Justice: A Restorative Justice Art Gallery (2021)

For International RJ Week, the National Center on Restorative Justice issued a call to artists and restorative justice advocates to creatively represent a restorative approach to justice-making or to advance public understanding and implementation of restorative justice through art. We accepted art in all mediums. You can view the art gallery here.

Restorative Reintegration Institute: A Think Tank of Experts

For the first event in the National Center on Restorative Justice’s institute series on Restorative Reintegration, we hosted a think tank of 25 experts, including academics and practitioners with expertise in restorative justice approaches to reentry after incarceration. Participants met in restorative dialogue to specifically discuss and identify the core principles and practices of “restorative reintegration.” Our team members who attended are currently collaborating on writing a white paper as a follow-up to the event, identifying and outlining core elements of restorative reintegration. Learn more here.

Restoring Humanity: A Speaker Showcase on Restorative Reintegration

For the second event in the National Center on Restorative Justice institute series on Restorative Reintegration, a group of courageous individuals came together for the first time to share their empowering messages of hope in finding success through restorative reintegration after incarceration. “Restoring Humanity” was the culmination of a 90-day speaker training experience delivered by Amplify Voices. This event was a partnership with the University of San Diego, and the Catholic Diocese of San Diego. Learn more here.

8th Annual NACRJ Conference

Hyatt Regency McCormick Place 2233 South Martin Luther King Drive, Chicago, Illinois

Call for 3-minute videos: What is Restorative Justice?

"What is restorative justice?" This is an important question that can be difficult to answer. If we want restorative justice to take root in the criminal justice system and beyond, it is essential that we find creative and concise ways to communicate restorative justice to the public. In recognition of this need and in honor of International Restorative Justice week, the National Center on Restorative Justice (NCORJ) invites you to submit a 3-minute video that answers the question "What is restorative justice?" Feel free to take a creative approach and integrate art, poetry, symbolism, metaphors, or anything that sparks your imagination…

Webinar: Restorative Justice in the Criminal Legal System

Do you ever wonder if there is another way to repair harm and think about accountability within our criminal legal system? In honor of International Restorative Justice Week, the National Center on Restorative Justice will offer a 90-minute webinar on restorative justice in the criminal legal system. The webinar is intended for justice system actors and others looking to learn more about restorative justice approaches and how to incorporate them into the justice system. Panelists will share how they implement restorative justice practices, the evidence of effectiveness and impact on the carceral system, and any challenges experienced during the implementation process.

Webinar: Restorative Justice for Violence Prevention and Intervention

This session will introduce participants to the key principles of restorative justice, an alternative response to crime that focuses on understanding the needs that led to an offense, the impacts of the crime on the victim and wider community, and on forming a plan to repair the harm caused to the degree possible. Restorative justice approaches promote accountability and help facilitate greater understanding and healing. The panel will feature representatives from community restorative justice programs who will discuss their programs, how they interact with the criminal justice system, and outcomes relevant to community violence prevention and intervention. Presenters will share…

Institute: Equitable Systems Design for Restorative Justice

As a time to “think and do,” a central focus of the institute is to concretely and constructively promote equal access to restorative justice and dismantle structures that perpetuate disparities in criminal legal systems. Who: The National Center on Restorative Justice, in partnership with the University of California College of the Law, San Francisco invites practitioners, academics, advocates, system-impacted people, and professionals at the intersection of criminal legal processes and restorative justice. What: Throughout the day, we will be examining the challenging question of how to advance equitable systems design for restorative justice at the intersection of criminal legal processes. The day is designed with the…

Webinar: Restorative Justice for Police

This 75-minute webinar will introduce viewers to the key principles of restorative justice and ways of implementation for police officers. The panelists will share experiences and recommendations for police officers working in the criminal legal system that encourage self-reflection, engagement with the community members they serve, and strategies relevant to their direct role in the legal system.

Webinar: Restorative Justice for Reintegration & Reentry

This webinar will introduce participants to restorative justice strategies to support reintegration following incarceration. The panelists will discuss what specifically characterizes a restorative approach to reintegration support and possibilities and challenges in expanding these models. The webinar will correspond with the publication of a white paper on Restorative Reintegration by the National Center on Restorative Justice.