Latest Past Events

National Restorative Coaching Program Webinar

Join us for an informational webinar on the National Restorative Coaching Program (NRCP)! The NRCP provides restorative justice practitioners with individualized support in restorative skills, frameworks, and programmatic implementation. One-on-one coaching is delivered by restorative justice leaders who have a depth of experience from a wide range of restorative justice contexts. As a continuation of formal training, coaching aims to deepen the innate capabilities and confidence of practitioners nationwide. 


Webinar: Healing and Accountability Dialogue in the Criminal Legal System

This webinar is intended for system actors and community members interested in learning about restorative justice facilitation. Panelists will share their experiences in VOD and the importance of offering an opportunity for harmed and responsible parties to engage in restorative justice practices. Presenters will share key recommendations and challenges during the implementation process.


Webinar: Restorative Justice Education in the Carceral System

This webinar will highlight various curricula and recommendations for teaching restorative justice in prisons. Panelists will share their experiences relating to the lived experience of being incarcerated and learning about restorative justice, as well as tools for implementing and improving restorative justice education in carceral settings.