Latest Past Events

Restoring Humanity: A Speaker Showcase on Restorative Reintegration

For the second event in the National Center on Restorative Justice institute series on Restorative Reintegration, a group of courageous individuals came together for the first time to share their empowering messages of hope in finding success through restorative reintegration after incarceration. “Restoring Humanity” was the culmination of a 90-day speaker training experience delivered by Amplify Voices. This event was a partnership with the University of San Diego, and the Catholic Diocese of San Diego. Learn more here.

Restorative Reintegration Institute: A Think Tank of Experts

For the first event in the National Center on Restorative Justice’s institute series on Restorative Reintegration, we hosted a think tank of 25 experts, including academics and practitioners with expertise in restorative justice approaches to reentry after incarceration. Participants met in restorative dialogue to specifically discuss and identify the core principles and practices of “restorative reintegration.” Our team members who attended are currently collaborating on writing a white paper as a follow-up to the event, identifying and outlining core elements of restorative reintegration. Learn more here.