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The National Center on Restorative Justice promotes restorative justice education in undergraduate, graduate, and law programs across the country.

The existing criminal legal system replenishes itself regularly with newly minted graduates and other professionals educated and trained in an adversarial model. This classical education teaches criminal justice leaders to use the law, rules, and procedures to maximize the strength of their own position, while highlighting and exploiting the weaknesses of the adversary. Educating undergraduate, graduate, and law students in the adversarial model perpetuates the use of the adversarial model.

One of our central objectives is to create change through promoting restorative justice education in undergraduate, graduate, and law programs, equipping the next generation of criminal justice professionals to bring the restorative justice approach to bear in reforming a broken system.

In our restorative justice education efforts, we are mindful that it is not just what is taught that is important, but also how it is taught. In addition to providing resources to encourage the expansion of restorative justice content in higher education, we also encourage and resource a restorative pedagogical approach to teaching and cultivating a classroom community through using experiential and relational methods such as circle practice.

Professional Certificate Programs & Scholarships

As a part of its mission to expand access to Restorative Justice Education, the National Center on Restorative Justice provides scholarships to professional certificate in restorative justice programs through two of its partner institutions, the University of San Diego and Vermont Law and Graduate School.

The National Center on Restorative Justice regularly hosts events and produces resources dedicated to the advancement of teaching restorative justice practices and philosophy in legal education.

Restorative Pedagogy Network

The Restorative Pedagogy Network is an international group established to support and promote the teaching of restorative justice in tertiary education institutions.

Course Mapping & Evaluation / Restorative Curriculum Development

During fall 2020, the National Center on Restorative Justice held a series of circles with students, faculty, community partners, Advisory Board members, and restorative justice practitioners to reflect on the learning outcomes of the Master of Arts in Restorative Justice (MARJ) Program at Vermont Law and Graduate School.