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The National Center on Restorative Justice’s training division provides introductory restorative justice workshops to advance restorative principles and the restorative justice movement.

Our training division is committed to working with various organizations, ranging from grassroots local communities to national system associations seeking professional development to aid in criminal justice reform. All resources and content created are free and accessible to the public due to federal funding support to reduce barriers and inequity in access to knowledge. 

We offer FREE tailored one-day introductory restorative justice workshops on a request basis and a restorative justice 101 online asynchronous module that explores the framework of restorative practices within a criminal justice context and a self-guided pathway to a learning adventure. Both in-person and online workshop objectives are for participants to walk away with a better understanding of the differences between the criminal legal system and restorative justice responses to crime/harm. 

Our training division is developing a coaching program to support newly trained restorative justice practitioners and increase their confidence and skill-based abilities for effective implementation. A team of advanced practitioners will work with a small cohort of facilitators and offer guidance while offering feedback, reviewing practice design, and providing leadership and expertise. If you’d like to know when this program launches, contact our training division using the form below.

Through our efforts in our training division, we intend to engage broad audiences in restorative justice practices within a criminal/legal context. We believe everyone should have knowledge and access to understanding crime/harm and restorative responses and approaches when crime/harm occurs. We hope to build relationships while engaging in meaningful work to address the cycles of incarceration and legal issues in the US.

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The NCORJ has conducted trainings for:

  • National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • Prince William County
  • Vermont Department of Children and Families
  • Vermont Community Justice Center – Burlington
  • Leadership Upper Valley
  • Vermont Roots & Wings Alliance

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