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About the Restorative Justice Institutes

From 2021-2023, the National Center on Restorative Justice hosted two Restorative Justice Institutes each year. The institutes aimed at learning from experts in a specific area about how restorative justice is being used successfully and how existing models can be replicated and made available nationally.

These institutes were designed to educate juvenile and criminal justice practitioners in restorative justice principles, current research, and applications. The institutes were built on specific tracks geared to justice professionals, such as law enforcement, correctional officers, social service providers, educators, clinicians, judges, prosecutors, defenders, and more.

Equitable Systems Design for Restorative Justice

As a time to “think and do,” a central focus of the institute is to concretely and constructively promote equal access to restorative justice and dismantle structures that perpetuate disparities in criminal legal systems. The institute takes place March 31, 2023. Registration details below.

Restorative Reintegration Institute

The 2022 National Center on Restorative Justice institute series was focused on restorative reintegration, a restorative justice approach to reentry after incarceration.

Restorative Approaches to Policing Institute

In February 2021, the National Center on Restorative Justice held our inaugural institute on the topic of restorative approaches to policing.