Karla Barron: Rooted In Justice

Karla Barron: Rooted In Justice

Rooted in Justice by Karla Barron


Restorative justice is rooted in indigenous practices and so I wanted to honor and acknowledge this.


The tree: the trunk represents the journey to restoration, redemption, healing and wholeness, leading up to the scales, representing equality, equity and fairness. Trees are our oldest living natural ancestors, signifying the strength and perseverance of those affected by injustice.

Inner Circle:

Top: represents sunrise, birth, new hope, new life.
Middle: represents sunset and is symbolic of death, as with all things, life is a process, but never ending.
Bottom: the roots and dirt of the ground beneath the tree, allow for growth/birth of new life, new ways of justice. But also leading to the journey of walking the red road.