“Fulfilling the Aspirations of Restorative Justice in the Criminal System: The Case of Colorado” by Shannon M. Sliva, Elizabeth H. Porter-Merrill, and Pete Lee (2019)

Author: Shannon M Sliva, Elizabeth H. Porter-Merrill, and Pete Lee (see source for full acknowledgments)

Link: https://lawjournal.ku.edu/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Sliva-V28I3.pdf (see source for full citation)

Description: (from Abstract) “We provide a case example of statutory structures in Colorado, which leads the nation in developing law to use restorative justice in adult and juvenile criminal matters. Drawing on lessons from Colorado, we explore challenges for scaling restorative justice in court, correctional, and community settings namely, living up to its aspirations of accountability, voluntariness, victim-centeredness, and equity. We then summarize key recommendations for effectively implementing restorative approaches to justice in the American criminal system.”