“The Legalization of Restorative Justice: A Fifty-State Empirical Analysis” by Thalia González for Utah Law Review (2020)

Author: Thalia González (see source for full acknowledgements)

Link: https://dc.law.utah.edu/ulr/vol2019/iss5/3/ (see source for full citation)

Description: (from Abstract)  “Drawing on data from an original 50-state analysis, this Article argues that the current degree of legal internalization of restorative justice indicates the emergence of a new legal norm. These findings call for a critical reexamination of current perceptions of restorative justice normatively and empirically. Beyond provoking new directions in research, these findings should be of significant interest to reformists seeking to advance laws, policies, and systems that promote fairness, equity, and justice and to practitioners who increasingly interact with formal restorative processes.”