Iliana Storch (she/her)

Get to know a little about Iliana Storch, one of the core team members of the National Center on Restorative Justice!

What is your work at the National Center on Restorative Justice?

I work closely with Jess Naidu as a Graduate Assistant, so my job is primarily support in any capacity. Since I have a background in communications and design, much of my work for NCORJ has been related to social media, marketing design, and event planning.

What has been the most rewarding experience you’ve had working in restorative justice so far?

I think the most rewarding experience has been meeting so many passionate individuals who believe the power of restorative justice. Before working at the center, I worked in a school that was resistant to restorative justice because it was so new to the school community. Now, it’s invigorating to be surrounded by and work with practitioners who have done this work for years and have so many stories of success.

How would you describe restorative justice in five words or less?

A person-centered, community-driven healing process.

What is your favorite Circle or icebreaker question?

What’s something no one would know about you by looking at your social media?

When you’re not at work, what is something you like to do that brings you joy and fills your cup? 

I love to cook with and for people. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of cooking with my niece and nephew and it brings me so much joy to see their creativity come out when deciding what ingredients to put together. I also love hosting friends for a dinner or watch party to make yummy food and share moments together. I’m a big believer that food is personal and meant to be shared in community.

What’s the best piece of advice you ever received and how have you used it?

“Lead with love.” As a teacher I used this advice as a filter for every decision I made for my students and our classroom-community. Now, it’s a daily reminder to pause and reflect on if a decision I make shows love for the person/people involved, love for myself, and love for our community.